Monday, July 30, 2018

Harley Model Announcement and the FXDR 'Easter Egg'

Harley-Davidson Has Revealed Model Plans for the Future

The Motor Company kept a lid on a lot of details but that's ok. This thing is bad ass.

 It's so good to see a VR1000 as inspiration at the drawing board..


 Yes, Harley-Davidson uses 3D printing to prototype their bikes...



 Here comes the really interesting Harley 'roadmap' photos...

YES!!! Who can't want more of this...
Well, maybe not as many scooters. Real bikes yes, Scooters less.


This is the best part of the announcement video though... Disclaimer: I love my HD's and the history but this is going too far not to point out...
Look, no AMF.. WAIT...
NO HONDA. I mean no Honda.
Taking straight aim at the Grom crowd. They try to claim the (1961) Honda Monkey heritage as their own. Showing a 1974 Aermacchi AMF Harley Davidson X-90 (yes 13 year newer and a total turd). Remember this as you get 38 seconds into the video below where W.G. is wearing a shirt with AMD X'd out, denouncing the manufacture of the turd mini bike they tout later in the same video. Lets not even talk about the rest of the era... But I digress.

This looks promising:


They show it several times but it's not like the rest. They even tease it just before the Livewire to confuse the viewer.

There's an exhaust on the right so not electric... Said pipe is down low and it has a narrow front tire so it can't be the tracker Harley above. They actually give it away at the end of the video with the onboard footage.. It's an FXDR. Look just above the ignition.

What is an FXD-R? 

I don't know what FXDR means but suffice to say that it's probably a Milwaukee 8 Softail 'Dyna Replacement' since it's an FXD. Maybe it's a hybrid of some sort grown in a vat over the last year... Kill the Dyna for a year then bring it back re-designed. Sound familiar to any of my Road Glide friends?

Official Video: