Thursday, March 22, 2018

Toni Bou Trials Phenomenom

So you think you can ride a motorcycle pretty well? Not compared to Toni Bou.

The phenomenal Spaniard, Toni Bou, has got 11 outdoor world championship titles and 12 straight indoor titles...  Oh, and he's unbelievably talented.

That is a level of skill that is beyond the highest training and dedication...

As an unrelated bonus here's something to consider if you do any web work. This is not the standard content for this site but it's sooooo good that I don't want to lose it. It's also more than contradictory to just about everything about this website. This site was created for me to use as a 'cloud' bookmarks backup of cool stuff so I don't put much into it. Anyhow. Read below and become a better person...

Smashing Magazine is the best. No one writes this kind of material with this kind of depth. Loooong article but should be read in full.
Article Section 2G:

"Deontological Principals of Web Design:
1) Follow existing rules, best practices, and guidelines.
2) Use the categorical imperative as a starting point to creating new rules.
3) When no rule exists, use the full ethical principles of web design to create new ones.
4) Uphold the duty of care: to the client, to the user, to the information, and to the future."