Monday, August 21, 2017

Slimmed Down XT600 - Retro Motocross Style Yamaha

This pared down XT 600 is Retro Motocross Masterpiece

Original article in Italian:

This XT 600 Yamaha seems to really come to that era [in motocross] , complementing the yellow and black graphic choice that featured the motions of the three sliders in the competitions.

The creator of this great job is NicolΓ² Pego, a 25-year-old boy who has always had the passion for motors and customizations.

The bike that is inspired is the TT500 Cross, a model created for the American market that followed the lucky and most famous XT500, and boasted, besides the excellent engine, a significantly lower loss.

"Since my little machines and motorbikes give me great emotions for this I decided to create something different from the cafe racer and the classic scrambler .. so my project was inspired by the retro motocross of the 70's."

After finding the most suitable base for his project, work has begun for the complete dismantling of the bike.
"I started looking for a 90's enduro as a base I found a 1997 yamaha XT600 I completely disassembled it and started to shape the chassis and then sand it and paint it like the engine. I was able to find most of the aftermarket pieces Both on the web and venturing between motorbikes ... other pieces I had to create from me. "

The masterpiece of mastery was to find the very rare tank, derived from yamaha yz125 1970, which made it possible to concretize the idea he had in mind

Among the elements it did not find on the market are the double exhaust manifolds, which were made by the uncle through tig welding. This solution, perhaps not too much in line with the inspirational motion, however, allowed to keep the cleanest line of the bike.

The lights with headlamps and lanterns appear to be non-existent as on the cross motions and instead are present, at the front a rectangular element seems to disappear to the sight, integrating with the metal port number in the metal, the same visual effect at the back with a small strip of led make up the Rear light.

The job lasted for 6 months, but Nico's face, denotes the satisfaction for his work.

Photo credit @elisaciph Elisa Ci - Photography

Translated from the original article in Italian: Bandit Run Yamaha TT Cross - RocketGarage - Cafe Racer Magazine

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