Monday, March 27, 2017

Honda Makes an Electric Motocross Bike With Mugen

Mugen already has an electric roadrace bike to race the the Isle of Man TT but now we're talking ELECTRIC MOTOCROSS!

Honda Electric Motocross Bike

Yeah. It's got a really bad dinosaur theme... So? I'm guessing it's some play on the lack of Fossil Fuels but electric dirt bikes just took one more huge step to reality with Honda getting in the game...

From The Japanese tuning house [Mugen] has “partnered” with Honda to build an electric motocross dirt bike... the Mugen E.Rex,"
Erex Electric Dirt BikeKeeping things in the family, it is not surprising to see the Showa and Nissin suspension and braking components being used here (Honda owns both brands), and like on the Mugen Shiden, no expense has been spared when it comes to top-shelf components.
For instance, if you look closely at the photos, you will see that the E.Rex is sporting carbon fiber brake discs, which most likely has little to do with performance, and has more to do with the fact that the Mugen E.Rex will be displayed at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show this weekend. Still, it’s impressive kit.

Isle of Man TT electric superbike
Mugen Shinden Go Isle of Man TT
electric superbike
The question of course is what Mugen and Honda plan to do from here. For now, the companies say that they plan to “explore the future potential” of an electric motocross machine, which can mean or not mean just about anything.
However, with several off-road racing series exploring the idea of letting electric dirt bikes compete in their racing classes, Honda and Mugen likely don’t want to see Alta and Zero taking over the space.
The electric two-wheeled segment has been quiet for some time now, but seeing Mugen and Honda explore the idea of an electric dirt bike could be the shot in the arm this platform needs.