Tuesday, October 4, 2016

DRZ400 Street Tracker Custom - Very Clean Suzuki!

DRZ400 Street Tracker Supreme Street Tracker

custom Drz400

This DRZ400 Tracker build was meant to be a quick 3 month turn around, but as with any good project, Leo, co-founder of Ellaspede in Brisbane Australia, took more bits off the bike the build became more ambitious. “Here at Ellaspede we always tell people to have a plan and stick to it for the best results… well that didn’t happen with this build. Definitely do as we say, not do as we do.”
DRZ TrackerDRZ 400 Tracker

“The donor bike is a 2009 Suzuki DRZ400. They needed a thumper that would be nice and nimble for the city streets whilst allowing for a somewhat easy styling transition to what he had in mind. After looking around at a few different makes and models the DRZ400E was bought based on lineage and the fact that Yoshimura made an absolutely wicked set of pipes for it. It sounds weird to base the entire purchase of a bike off a set of pipes, but as Leo puts it ‘look at the suckers they’re so dope’.”
DRZ Drit Tracke TailCustom DRZ Seat

Left Side DRZ400 Tracker

Relocated DRZ Radiators

"Heavily influenced by late 70’s flat track bikes as well as modern interpretations of what the future of motorcycling will look like."

Excel 19" front and rear rims
Mitas H18 street legal flat track tyres
Vintage Suzuki tank
Custom tracker tail cowl
UV vinyl seat
Battery box
Modified bash plate
Halo headlight
Rear View DR-Z 400 TrackerEllaspede Ninja Star tail light
Fork brace/front guard mount
Antigravity lithium battery
Analogue and digital Daytona Guage
CNC aluminium Ellaspede fork brace
Renthal bars
Custom bar back risers
LSL mirrors
Stock engine internals
Airbox removal
Uni Filter
1-into-2 Yoshimura pipes
Stock frame
Shortened and flattened rear subframe

“The toughest decision of all was of course, the colour scheme. The eBay tank came in an original mustard yellow, but the original concept for the bike was going to be predominately white with hints of charcoal grey. Deciding to pay respect to the late 70’s Suzuki style, Leo went with the bright mustard yellow as a key colour and offset it with a pearl white muscle car style stripe. The only thing left was to put the whole thing back together for display...”
High Angle DRZ 400 ImageHigh Angle DRZ 400 Image
“Like all custom projects there are plans to tinker with it some more, Leo’s weighing up a flat plate style headlight, Γ–hlins rear shock and some hard mount radiator hoses. But for now he’s just glad to be riding his ‘back burner’ project bike.”

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