Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How to Supercharge your DIY BBQ Grill the Right Way

Homebuilt DIY Supercharged BBQ Grill

Want to Supercharge your DIY BBQ grill project? Try a serve-motor-driven throttle from a Ford Mustang to provide the (naturally-aspirated) air intake. Then grab a Honda Civic manifold serving air delivery it to the grill. But when you really need to turn up the heat, a 360 watt fan [ie: Supercharger] to force-feed the fire.

The fan and the throttle are all under the control of an ESP8266 Wifi module, buried underneath it all. [Morgan] has even written a web app to control it all from a cell phone, and included presets with automotive terms for accelerometer control over what the designer calls the "Turbo".

Turbocharged BBQ Grill!!