Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Big Bore Sportsters Can Make Great Hooligan Bikes for Stunt or Street

Want to stunt your Sportster like a proper Hooligan? Talk to S&S...

sportster bigbore kits

S&S has just announced their Hooligan top end big bore Sportster kits... High Compression Pistons, Wrist Pins, Rings, Overbore Cylinders, Cams, Rollers, Gaskets, Seals... Everything you need to upgrade that pig. CHEAP!

883cc to 1200cc kit883cc to 1200cc dyno


883cc to 1200cc black kit883cc to 120cc kit Horsepower

What you save on these performance big bore kits you can buy a lot more tires... You'll need them. Let the standup wheelies and burnouts commence... S&S Hooligan Kits