Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Scrambler Motorcycles With BIG FAT Tire Style - Kind of a Thing Lately

Do you like fat tires on bikes?
Roaring Toyz Wide Tire KitI'm not talking about the retarded wide tire kits for show bike morons... I mean the kind of fat tires that can actually bring some function to a bike (through an admittedly limited in scope). They have style and can be run like an adventure bike on gravel and such but as for overall rideability... Eh, maybe. Jump or hillclimb at your own risk.

Anyhow, there's been a lot of customs and cafe style scrambler bikes popping up lately with fat knobbed adventure tires. I figured I'd bring some of them together for your viewing pleasure...

I predicted the growth of the Street Tracker and Scrambler bikes about 7 years ago and also predicted that someone would make a Fat Cat / BW style custom. I just didn't think every bearded Flat Cap wearing hipster and his skinny jeans brother would run with it like they have.

Down and Out 'Street Twin' Fat Tire Triumph 900 Bonneville

Down and Out's Ducati Fat Tire Custom Scrambler and more

This XR600 Almost deserves..


Girl on a Suzuki Van Van rv

Ok, well you get the point. I'll have more fat tire motorcycle fun in the future because they'll just keep making more.