Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cheap Dash Cams That Don’t Totally Suck

Six Cheap Dash Cams That Don’t Suck 
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    Dash cams can cost $200 or more, but you don’t need to spend anywhere near that much for a decent-quality unit.

    Here are six cheap dash cams that you can buy for less than $100, with features and attributes found in more expensive cameras.

    YKS GS8000L


    Dash cams don’t come much cheaper than the YKS 8000L, which sells for less than $20. Video quality isn’t up to what you’ll find in a more expensive cam, and some owners complain that the instructions are confusing and the mounting pieces are easy to break—but for 20 bucks, how much can you complain? This camera gives you basic functionality and acceptable video for an incredibly low price.

    Bluepupil X08

    Another super-cheap dashcam, the $35 Bluepupil X08 (seriously, who names these things?) has a small footprint and records decent video. It will automatically start (and stop) with your car’s engine when plugged into a power port that is switched with the ignition. Video quality is not as good as more expensive cameras, but that’s to be expected at such a low price.

    Novatek G1W


    The G1W (which can be purchased under several brand names) sells for $35-$50. It’s recommended by and Popular Mechanics for its low price and good video quality, particularly under daylight conditions. It has a built-in screen that allows the viewing angle to be easily adjusted, and while it isn’t the smallest dashcam you can buy, it will fit behind the rear view mirror of many vehicles.

    Mini 0805


    One problem with budget dash cams is that the least-expensive models don’t record well at night. TheMini 0805—again, sold under a variety of brand names—has a higher-resolution sensor that does a better job under low-light conditions. It also has a built-in screen and GPS, features normally found on higher-end dash cams. Street price: Around $80.

    BlackSys CF-100

    Trouble doesn’t just come from ahead; it can sneak up on you from behind as well. You can buy two dashcams, or you can buy a BlackSys CF-100, a Korean-made dual-channel unit that comes with two cameras, a 1080p unit for the front windshield and a 720p camera for the rear. Video quality from the rear-mounted camera isn’t great, but this system does give you the convenience of two viewing angles recorded to a single memory card, and it can be purchased for around $90.

    Mobius ActionCam


    Technically, the Mobius is an action cam, not a dashboard cam, and you’ll need to purchase a rig or some sort of mount to use it in your car. What sets the Mobius apart is its tiny size—it’s small enough to mount on a keychain and light enough to be carried on a drone, so you’ll find a lot of uses besides recording traffic accidents. Small as it is, it lacks nice-to-haves like GPS or a preview screen, but video quality is very good considering the price—which is around $60.

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