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Built to Ride - Street Worthy Dyna Bob Custom

Built to Ride Radical Custom Harley Dyna Street Bob

1Gateway2Gateway3GatewayYou heard it often. A custom motorcycle job is never finished. Many factory bikes go to several lives with successive aesthetic and/or mechanical changes. And of course it’s always for the better. For evident reasons, repetitive makeovers are very often the characteristic of bikes belonging to custom shop owners or to their businesses built and rebuilt for promotional purpose. The Dyna Street Bob featured here belongs to Matt Black Custom Designs and is in its third and (maybe) final design.
4Gateway5Gateway6Gateway7GatewayIt started as a 2007 Dyna Street Bob, a model that at the time Harley introduced it was described as a “stripped down to the bare essentials and naked as the law allows.” A bike conceived to be easily personalized by the owner, the most frequent changes always being the trio new bars, new air cleaner, new exhaust. The first Matt Black makeover went beyond this, but not very far. Then a second one was performed, born from a desire of more power, better handling and of higher quality parts from the best aftermarket of the industry.
8Gateway9Gateway“What’s good enough for Moto GP and Superbike racing is good enough for us and our customers” says founder and owner of Black Custom Designs Tobbe Johansson. No surprisingly, this Street Bob was redesigned and rebuilt using several brand products, adopted by the best racers. With that in mind, for crisp responsiveness on the road, the choice was made to go for Ohlins front and rear suspension, to radial powerful Brembos brakes and to Galfer discs. For weight loss, super light BST Carbon fiber wheels and a new stronger aluminum swingarm from Metmachex Engineering weighting 50 lbs less than the factory steel one.
10Gateway11GatewayOn a bike that you want to move up to the racer category, a factory Twin Cam 1584cc would not do enough. Johansson had not hesitation replacing it with a Screaming Eagle 120R unit with S&S throttle bodies. A motor deserving to be cradled and coupled to a 7-speed Baker Drivetrain tranny and a Matt Black modified Performance Machine open belt primary. For a deserving racing stance the shop enlisted the services of bodywork specialist and shop neighbor Ray Hill who created a new gas tank, seat pan and tail section combo.
12Gateway13GatewayFor accessories, in addition to those parts machined in-house at Matt Black, calls were made to Italian Rebuffini for hand and foot controls, triple tree and for a series of one-off engine covers. All other custom parts are listed in the tech sheet below . For paint, Ray Hill from Spray Hill received instructions to keep it simple and sober. The result? A custom bike that easily attract well-to-do buyers from the chic, upscale and very cosmopolitan sun-drenched Costa del Sol town of Marbella where Matt Black Custom Designs is located.
Name Of The Bike: The Getaway.
Model. 2007/2015 H-D Street Bob
Engine: Screaming Eagle 120R
Throttle bodies: S&S 58mm
Fuel Tune System: TTS, Master Tuner
Exhaust: RSD, Slant 2-1, Stainless Steel
Airfilter: Rebuffini, Meteor
Cam Cover: MB Design made by Rebuffini
Rocker Covers: RSD
Primary: MB/Rebuffini modified
Performance Machine open belt
Transmission: Baker DD7
Hydraulic Clutch: Rebuffing with Star Clutch Housing
Rear Belt Pulley: Rebuffini, “Muguello” forged aluminium
Front Suspension: Ohlins 43mm R&T, Black
Triple Trees: Rebuffini, Indianapolis, Black Anodized
Risers: Rebuffini, Tau, Black Anodized
Front Rim: BST, Black Star Carbonfiber, 3,5”x19”
Front Brake Calipers: 2-piston Brembo
Front Brake discs: Galfer Wave Dual Discs
Rear Suspension: Ohlins, Type 36 PRCLB
Swingarm: Aluminum Box Section (less than 6kg), black anodized
Wheels: BST, Black Star Carbonfiber, 5,5×18
Rear Brake calipers: 4-piston Performance Machine
Rear Brake disc: Galfer Wave Disc
Forward Controls; Rebuffini, Ellipse, Black Anodized
Hand Controls: Rebuffini, Ellipse, Black Anodized
Handlebars: LSL Aluminium, Anodized
Mirrors: Rebuffini, Apollo 13, Black Anodized
Grips: Rebuffini
MB Special for Motogadget indicators
Headlight: Performance Machine
Indicators: Motogadget, M-Blaze Cone
License plate holder: Rebuffing, Vega Rocker, Black Anodized
Frame mods: MBCD – Matt Black Custom Designs
Swingarm: Aluminium Box Section
Electrical wiring: MBCD – Matt Black Custom Designs
Tank: MBCD/Ray Hill, Modified Thunderbike Aluminium
Seat: Aluminium bodywork by MBCD and Ray Hill
Paint: Ray Hill – Spray Hill

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