Saturday, April 19, 2014

Variable Turbo Controller

VGT Controller

VGT Controller Pre-order

MSRP: $1,799.00
Price: $1,599.00
You Save: $200.00 (11 %)
Item Number: VGT-Pre
Manufacturer: Suprock Technologies
Manufacturer Part No: VGT-Pre
Pre-orders are in production. We will update with shipping dates.

Pre-orders guarantee immediate delivery on release
 of the VGT turbocharger controller. You also get a discount of $200 off the regular VGT controller system price. Expected delivery is March 2013. 

Attention diesel buyers; This system includes the engine brake functionality in addition to the VGT control.

The product includes:
  • Charge air temperature thermocouple
  • Ambient air temperature thermocouple
  • Exhaust temperature thermocouple
  • VGT controller
  • Charge pressure sensor (built into the controller)
  • Exhaust pressure sensor (built into the controller)
  • Full color graphical 52mm gauge pod with engine brake button and USB port for logging
  • Bolt-on gearbox adapter for Holset HE351VE
  • Stepper motor
  • Interconnect cables including USB cable, gauge pod cable, and motor cable