Friday, April 25, 2014

Belt to Chain Conversion for Sportster

Chain Conversion for Sportster

Seems a lot of talk and questions about this. Here is how I did this on my 96 Sportster 1200, but it should apply to most belt-drive evo Sportsters, with minor variations/part numbers.

There are companies selling "kits" and such, but ordering the parts individually should save you some serious cash, and it will also allow you to tailor your gear ratio and chain pitch to your preferences.

Here is what I used..........
*5-speed trans sprocket spacer HD #33334-85 ------------$20
*Mainshaft Oil Seal HD #12050 -----------$4
*Quad Oil Seal HD# 11165------------$3
*Renthal R3-2 O-Ring 520 chain X114 links --------$80
*48 Tooth 520 rear sprocket Chris Products (PBI ?)#205348 ------------$60
*21 Tooth 520 front sprocket PBI # 277X-21-----------$35

Total-----$202 shipped give or take

Note I decided to go with 520 pitch chain, not the standard 530. There are arguments on both sides for either choice, but I wanted the lighter 520 set-up. Also, your choice in front/rear sprocket teeth will be a personal choice. I ride in traffic a lot, not much freeway. So my choice was geared towards off the line acceleration, not low freeway RPM's.

Now you may be able to get that all for a little more or less cash, but this is what I paid...shipped. Got most of it through J&P, the chain through MCSuperstore, and the 21t sprocket on ebay. Your local HD dealer should stock the oil seals and spacer. Beats the hell out of the overpriced kit. You also will need:

*Red and Blue Loctite
*Chain Breaker/Riveter
*Misc. mechanics hand tools
*Factory Service Manual
*Torque Wrench
*1-7/8" Socket for Transmission Nut. I did not have one that size, ended up finding an impact socket for $20 shipped through Amazon. (it's 3/4" drive as well, so be prepared)

This took me a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.

Supplies. (that little bag in the upper left corner is a clip-style master link, just incase)......