Saturday, March 22, 2014

Arduino Ardulogger 0.1 – BOOST!

ASP Motorsport

Ardulogger 0.1 – BOOST!

Ok so the MPX4250AP 2.5Bar manifold absolute pressure sensor arrived yesterday and I had nothing better to do so I wired it up to the Arduino and wrote some code. This sensor measures absolute pressure from 20 to 250 kPa (or 2.9 to 36.3 psi), ambient pressure at sea level is 14.7psi, which means in a turbo motor it will measure up to 21.6psi above ambient. These sensors are widely used in aftermarket car ECU’s like the diy Megasquirt.
It was super easy to hook this up, especially because someone has already done this atArduino based LCD boost gauge with resettable peak hold. The schematic is all there with a very nice LCD interface. I already wrote a C# program a few months ago that allows me to monitor the serial input and out from any USB port. It could also stream the IO into a txt file. I started with that program and modified it to interpret the serial stream from the ardiuno, which it can then display live as txt or on gauges.

This runs on the .NET platform, which means its only supported on Windows. Have not tried using Mono, but this could work on other platforms. I will make a multi-platform version once I get more into Java.