Wednesday, February 17, 2016

400 Horsepower H2R hits 239mph Unofficial (385kmph)

400 Horsepower H2R hits Unofficial 239mph

The guys over at Trickstar have increased it, allowing the Ninja H2R to hit speeds that are well over the electronically restricted limit for most motorcycles. Meet the 400 bhp Kawasaki Ninja H2R!
This Icy White Ninja H2R hits a top speed of 385kmph ( 239.3mph), thanks to some key modifications. It has not been revealed what these modifications are. The Japanese are crazy they say. They just got crazier. Take a look at the video below.
The white Ninja H2R looks gorgeous! Take a look at more pictures in our gallery below! Do you think the white looks better than the other shade of the Kawasaki Ninja?
h2r supercharged
supercharged kawasaki
record 400 horsepower kaw

Ninja H2R hits Unofficial 239MPH (385kmph) - Claimed 400 bhp Kawasaki