Monday, November 16, 2015

XDiavel Ducati Announcement - New Super Cruiser Duck

Ducati official video description: Published on Nov 16, 2015
Dauntless, irreverent, unheard of, the new XDiavel breaches the world of cruisers with Ducati values, merging concepts that apparently stand worlds apart. Travelling and relaxing to the comfort of forward controls combines with the performance and handling of a real Ducati. The new Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 engine reconciles the two different personalities of the XDiavel, ensuring superbike muscle and a flat torque curve from the low rev range upwards.
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The XDiavel brings out Ducati core values, style, sophistication, and performance into the world of cruisers.
XDiavel Announcement
Left Side of the Ducati X-Diavel
Riding the XDiavel in the desert.
Low Speed, Lifestyle, Cruiser Culture, Feet Forward.
60 Ergonomic combinations: 4 foot control positions, 5 seats, 3 handlebars.
First time ever for a belt drive on a ducati.

X Diavel compared to the Concept Drawing
s Versiaon XDiavel Daytime Running Light
XDiavel: Long, Low, Feet Forward, Belt Drive
X-Diavel Horsepower and Torque compared to the standard Diavel
Testastretta DVT 1262 Motor: NO WATER HOSES!
Programmed Launch Control on the Gauges
40 Degree Lean Angle
Big and bold Ducati XDiavel
Left Side of the Ducati XDiavel
XDiavle S Version: Premiumness, Authenticity, Craftsmanship

S-Version: Gloss Black, Machined Parts, Premium Materials, Exclusive Wheels.

Two Passenger Seats and Backrests Standard

Feet Forward and a 41° Lean Angle on the X-Diavel