Wednesday, November 11, 2015

KTM Timbersled Rentals at Colorado Sports Rental Equipment

Rocky Mountain Adventure Timbersled Rentals from RMAR

Dillon Brothers KTM TimbersledI'll just say right up front that the idea of a Hybrid Enduro bike (KTM500 XC-W) and a Snowmobile is pretty exciting. Being able to rent one and have access to the best and craziest ski spots in Colorado makes it even better.
After a brief discussion with Eric from RMAR it was made clear that (pay attention because this is the important part) Their Timbersled and Polaris Snowmobile rentals are NOT guided tours. They have all the best spots mapped out with GPS and programmed into the units onboard GPS. You rent the bike and you go out and play... No following someone else around on a ATV trail. Check out the trail map and watch the video below to see how much fun this is going to be... (Future tense because I'm going!)  🏍 #🏍 OmahaBikeNight

Here's more info from Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals:

Full day $350 *Multi-day/weekly discounts available
KTM Timberlsed RideSince their founding in 2001, Timbersled has lead the development and manufacturing of snow bikes. At Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals, we offer their state-of-the-art set-ups for all to enjoy. The Timbersleds are ideal for intermediate riders of dirt bikes and offer a more user friendly option to our performance snowmobiles. Timbersleds offer an easier learning curve and can handle any terrain or condition. Using the 2015/16 KTM 500xcw body with the Timbersled Mountain Horse Short Track set-up, you can feel confident in taking the timbersled through almost any terrain. The 120″ track and 10″ Backcountry ski provide uncomprising stability and efficient traction through all snow conditions.Additional Winter Rental Information: Drivers must be 16 with approved endorsements. Under 18 must have drivers license present upon rental. Credit Card and Deposit will be taken upon reservation.Our cancellation policy: If cancelled within 48 hours, non-refundable.
Timbersled jump
The mountain the guy climbs in this video at about 2:30 is INSANE! The Timbersled just walks up it all the way to the top.

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Timbersled Technology Promotional Video