Monday, July 6, 2015

Hotrod Harley Street 750 Cafe Racer Custom

Very clean Harley Street 750 Cafe Racer Custom

2shawHarley Street 7504shawYou know that most motorcycle manufacturers face the hurdle of attracting the young generation, the budget focused riders, the lesser sized riders and women. Pulling today’s young generation away from from their electronic gadgets and video games, creating a 70’s type counter culture inciting them to spend more time outside to experience a “real life” is not small task. The Street model is supposed to dispel the idea that only grizzled boomers are riding and can afford a Harley-Davidson. Will the Street become the machine bridging between boomers and youngsters while still being perceived as a pure Harley-Davidson V-Twin motorcycle? Not immediately, but I know that each custom Street hitting the pavement will help a little bit.
4bisshaw4terbisshawNo doubt that Harley-Davidson in the UK understands what this model is all about – raw, minimal essence and looking fun – and tried hard at reinforcing these attributes through the use of mostly oem or aftermarket Harley parts. From start to finish, only one motto for this makeover. Make it looking loud, proud and rebellious, but not changing its factory personality to still be identified right away as a Harley Street – not a competitor model – and above all not being intimidating for a 1st time or female rider.
5shaw6shawSo, on this Street, no stripping of the bike to bare frame for a full re-build, no rear subframe chopping, no crazy metal fabrication, no out of this world one-off CNC or hand-made custom parts, etc. You know, the kind of project where only the engine & tranny give the bike its brand identity. A very reasonable interpretation to inspire the largest number of potential Street owners. A light job in the support area, a modified Dyna rear fender for a better chiseled rear end section but absolutely no swingarm modification, dark chrome wheels from the Harley-Davidson touring models lineup, contribute together is connoting some racing spirit.Shaw Speed & Custom uk.
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Harley Street 750 Cafe Race Bike