Monday, July 13, 2015

F1L Junior Car, Much More Than a Gokart - Harrington Group

Also not overly motorcycle related but very cool

Half-scale cars are small enough and timid enough to stage a mini Grand Prix in your own backyard

The two-thirds-scale HG F1 car is styled after the Lotus 25 in which Jim Clark won the 1963 World Formula One Title

F1L racer

Our design brief for this was simple (at least in theory!).
To create a new class of race car. Something comparable to a go cart in terms of size and cost, but to produce something more car than cart.
Historically, racing drivers and wannabe racing drivers start racing go carts. As much as I am a fan of go carts, they really have little in common with actual cars, whether race cars or road cars.
Go carts are limited by their simple stationary style engine, with fierce on or off dog clutches.
They are also limited by their lack of suspension, their solid rear axle with no differential, their single rear brake,
their lack of gears, their simplistic steering, their low ground clearance and small wheels with slick tyres.

So, how did we go about making a small racer to act like a car?
Simply put- we added all the above components lacking on a go cart, but found on a real car into a small sized beautifully clothed machine.
Our f1 cars come with the flowing spec.

Powder coated steel chassis.
120cc 4 stroke mid mounted air cooled single cylinder engine. OHC, electric start, electronic ignition
semi automatic gearbox (choice of either 3 forward gears plus reverse- or 4 forward gears no reverse).
Limited slip differential.
Fully adjustable, fully independent suspension all round.
Dual circuit (and bias adjustable!) hydraulic brakes.
4 disk brakes with four pot calipers on each corner.
4 x adjustable shock absorbers on each corner.
Adjustable pedal box- so children through to 6ft 3 adults can squeeze in.
Stainless steel twin exhaust.
Stainless steel roll over hoop.
We have even had our own cross ply tyres produced, to give proper 60’s handling characteristics
grp composite body painted in 2k dupont automotive paint. (unlimited choice of colour and paint design).
Alloy wheels.
Removable, stainless steel steering wheel with aluminium quick release hub.

Please take a look at our two videos here. One is of the car in action, the other is how we produce them.

Be sure to click on 1080 hi definition quality.