Friday, July 10, 2015

Alisyn Motorcycle Chain Lube - Simply the Best

Hands down the best motorcycle chain lube... Alisyn Synthetic Chain Lubricant

Alisyn is named for the first few letters of the company's name: Aerospace Lubricants Inc. Synthetic Chain Lube.

Synthetic Chain Lubricant Alisyn

 Don't believe me? Try it.

Product description: Quite simply the best chain lubricant available, Alisyn Synthetic Chain Lubricant is the benchmark synthetic spray grease. Compared to other aerosol products, Alisyn lubricant contains up to 500% more grease lubricant. That's because Alisyn lubricant does not contain solvents like other name brand lubricants. Alisyn lubricant is a multipurpose synthetic grease that has excellent long life, load carrying capability and antirust properties for service at temperatures ranging from -80ΒΊF to 600ΒΊF.

Alisyn Synthetic Chain Lubricant is highly recommended for use in a wide range of automotive, home, marine and industrial applications. Use on chains, seat track, O-rings, seals, gears, springs, hinges, ball, roller, and plain spherical bearings.

  • Temperature Range: -80 to 600°
  • NLGI No.: 1
  • Unworked penetration at 77°F: 310

Synthetic Chain Lubricant Alisyn Chain Lube