Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rumored CB900R a Production Airhead - CB400R Perhaps Also CB400R

Japanese 'Young Machine' magazine claims it’s scooped the Honda's latest project, CB900R.

2016 Honda CB900 R

They claim the new bike is headed for production based off the Honda CB1100R concept from the 2007 Tokyo show.

Honda CB900R for Producion
The CB900R motor is presumed to be based off the CB1100F air cooled motor.

CB1100R concept pre-production CB900
This is an exciting retro styled concept that everyone should make production as claimed.

Note that the rumor includes talk of a CB400 variant. With all the small displacement naked bikes being released lately... Think KTM 390 Duke

390 Super Duke KTMNaked KTM Duke 390

I have to say that there are a lot of very exciting production motorcycles, concept bikes, and rumored motorcycles lately, Many have a sort or modernized ultra retro feel.  Like the "I cannot f'ing wait for this one" Yamaha XJR 1300 that should be hitting showrooms soon...

2015 XJR1300 RacerYamaha XJR1300Yamaha 1300 XJ

Anyhow. Pretty exciting stuff, lots and lots of cool motorcycles coming soon and no doubt many more in the future.

CB-900-R Production Bike for 2016 Perhaps