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Super Honda Adventure Bike: 2016 Africa Twin

Africa Twin Honda Adventure Motorcycle Supreme

Super Honda Adventure Bike: 2016 Africa Twin

When the True Adventure prototype was unveiled last EICMA, the thought of the fans immediately went to the real name that everyone expected: Africa Twin. Now, after months of waiting, Honda has finally officially announced the name of the bike (which could never be True Adventure ...) CRF 1000 L Africa Twin and marketing, due by the end of 2015. The Japanese company has also spread the first images of the final model (in the gallery), but without adding any technical data, some information "confidential" are still leaked. The fault lies with a video made during the filming for the official promo, escaped the mesh Honda and ended in the net. The movie is an onboard room showing some details of the bike. Among the most interesting things we are undoubtedly the sound, confirming the presence of a two-cylinder engine and the block at the left handlebar, quite "crowded", a sure sign of the presence of so much electronic: we expect mapping engine, ABS and traction control. Another interesting fact is the measure of the circle that seems to be confirmed by 21 inches (ideal for off-road) and the design of the terminal series, no longer the classic "tube" seen on True Adventure, but more elaborate unit and design "crushed" (actually very similar to that of the BMW R 1200 GS). The video, of course, does not show more, and about other data we can make assumptions: the weight should be about 200 kg, to allow a decent agility on dirt roads, while the engine will have an architecture in line and not as a V the first Africa Twin. Honda has confirmed that there will be a version with the latest evolution of the dual clutch DCT. You can not finally exclude the presence of a more road with front wheel 19 ".

Honda has finally confirmed that it’s bringing the Africa Twin back to battle the BMW GS, Ducati Multistrada, and KTM 1190.

It’s hitting Europe later this year, landing in the States in early 2016, and it’s also packing an off-road-tuned dual-clutch transmission.

Video: True Adventure - Episode 1 / The Dream

The new Africa Twin is the successor to the Paris-Dakar-racing XRV650 and XRV750 built from 1989 to 2003.

This new model, the CRF1000L, builds off that heritage, as well as some of the technology Honda employed during its return to Dakar in 2013.

We caught a glimpse of the new Africa Twin in concept form last year with the True Adventure prototype, and the teasers seem to remain true to that vision.


Honda hasn’t offered much in the way of specs, but it’s obviously powered by a 1,000cc parallel-twin and should be sending around 110 HP and a sizable dollop of torque to an optional dual-clutch transmission that Honda says, “has been specifically developed and programmed to provide the off-road ability with which the Africa Twin is synonymous.”

It’ll also be brimming with a fair amount of tech, including traction control, ABS, and some trick power settings to optimize it both for both off-roading and street blasts.
Expect more in the next few months.

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Original AfricaTwin Concept Bike from Honda