Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Custom Parts for Cafe Racers

Custom Parts for Cafe Racers #2

Super Replacement Fuseless Circuit Breaker Block for older motorcycles.

--- MotoGadget M-Unit ---

MotoGadget have quickly become the big name in custom motorcycle electronics thanks to this little puppy. If you're looking at rewiring your bike the Motogadget M-Unit  could make the whole job a lot simpler for you. The M-Unit allows you to replace your bikes accessories wiring circuits with a simple plug-n-play style install. With built in circuit breakers it removes the need for a standard fuse box and helps reduce electronic components down to the bare minimum.

To go a step further you can also add a plethora of other M series components such as switches, indicators and gauges all designed to plug straight into your M-Unit. What could be simpler?