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Patents Hint at a Production Turbocharged Suzuki 600 Katana 'Reversion'

Patents Hint at a Production Turbocharged Suzuki 600 Katana 'Reversion'

Turbo Suzuki Katana 600 Production Imminent

Those mirrors won't make it out of the parking lot.Just a few months ago, there was a flurry of news surrounding the turbocharged concept Suzuki showed off at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Firstly, Japanese magazine Young Machine claimed the bike had been confirmed for production. Days later, it was discovered that that Suzuki had re-registered the Katana brand name and logo in Europe and the United States. The Recursion has a passing resemblance to the original Katana, a bike which was the fastest production motorcycle in the world at the time.

Production Turbocharged Motorcycle - Katana

Now, Suzuki has filed new patents for the Recursion, but with a change to its looks that brings it from concept to real world. There’s no reason for Suzuki to file new patent applications with such a change in appearance unless production was going ahead.

The biggest change in looks is at the front of the machine. Gone is the sleek, futuristic and no doubt expensive face and replaced with a more generic headlight and windscreen arrangement. No doubt part of that is to bring costs down and another is to do with the intercooler – it will need as much air as possible to suck down, and hence as big an inlet as possible is required – function over form.

No Katana 600 EVER survived without breaking it's mirrors[Let''s take a break from the excitement for some perspective. Now, a production turbocharged 600 sportbike is pretty exciting stuff. HOWEVER!Whether or not they share any DNA doesn't matter... a Turbocharged 600 Suzuki Katana. Really? Why? Are mirror sales down since the demise of the multicolored superslugs? Make it a Bandit or something.]

suzuki turbo reversion concept front windscreen
From the patents, it appears that the air goes into a tube which splits in two, goes around the steering head and then onto the top of the engine. The turbocharger is positioned in front of the engine and connected closely to the exhaust headers. The engine itself is revealed as a single overhead cam unit, making it lighter and smaller than a double overhead cam power plant. That’s not because Suzuki is trying to be cheap, it’s because with the turbocharger added into the mix, high revs aren’t required for power delivery and therefore a second camshaft would be prove mostly unnecessary.

Like the concept, the patent shows that the aluminum frame goes over the engine instead of beside it, keeping the bike narrow. And if previously leaked documents still hold true, The Recursion/Katana will produce 100 hp @ 8,000 RPM and a massive 73 ft-lb @ at only 4,500 rpm – torque that bikes with twice the capacity make.

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