Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Honda RC213-VS Production Hyperbike - MotoGP Street Bike

Honda RC213-VS Production Hyperbike MotoGP Street Bike:

The Japanese newspaper, The Asashi Shimbun, states that Honda has given the green light for the MotoGP ‘replica’ to be built for a mere of ¥20 million, or about $170,000 in current exchange rates.


It was predicted that the road going version of the Honda's MotoGP RC213-v would be built and that the price would be about $250,000. This mostly makes the the RC213V-S a pointless street machine. At $170,000 it’s as close to a MotoGP replica  as you'll get for the street (an actual MotoGP bike will set you back around $1.2 million).

According to the article, the Honda RC213V-S will go on sale later this year and minor changes will be made to accommodate regulations in various markets including de-tuning the engine and obvious additions like indicators and license plate holders.