Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1990 FXR Custom Hotrod from Church of Choppers

Church Of Choppers 1990 FXR:

Custom FXR
 The guys at Church of Choppers have been working on developing this FXR for a long time...

Chvrch Custom FXR

Church of Choppers FXR

Tinted point cover Harley

many custom machined harley motor parts

Church of Choppers Left Side View FXR

FXR custom Open Primary

custom gas tank braided fuel lines and spigots

Harley FXR Clip On Handlebars

Harley Clip On Bars and Shaved Controls

Harley FXR Braided Steel Brake Lines

Brembo front Master Cylinder on a Harley

CR carb on an FXR

Dzus Fasteners on FXR Custom Tail Section

FXR Starter

Sport Bike Forks on a FXR Custom

FXR Race Bike for the Street

Fast FXR Street Bike

Pin-Up Motorcycle Garage

Via Pin-Up Motorcycle Garage