Tuesday, November 25, 2014

1977 GS750 Regulator - 32500-45011 Upgrade Replacement

1977 GS750 Regulator - 32500-45011- Ebay Search
SOHC4 Electronic Regulator Replacement from
I started a thread a THREAD way back in '06 about how to replace the expensive electronic regulator/rectifier and the old mechanical regulator with a modern automotive equivalent. At that time I used a Ford regulator since that was what I had on hand - and it was CHEAP. I've since reconsidered my choice. Six years and almost 400 posts later I've decided to use a VR295, commonly used by Dodge. It only has two terminals (and a case-ground) so there aren't unused connections to get confused.

* VR295 Diagram.jpg (49.02 kB, 530x503 - viewed 217 times.)
Attached is the picture and a diagram. I hope this will be much less confusing so more people can save themselves some money and a lot of headache. This should work on all of Honda's field-regulated alternators. It wouldn't work on the permanent magnet alternators, but should work on any of Honda's three-phase systems that has a center coil, whether it's a coil on the side cover or an electromagnet coil on the crank end.  (500, 550, 650, 750, 900 1000, 1100, and probably more) EDIT: The color codes don't coincide with any wiring codes on the motorcycles. EDIT 5/30/2013: This regulator draws 10ma when idle with the key off. If you ride your bike every day or every other day, this shouldn't be a problem. However, extended periods of non-use will eventually drain the battery. Therefore I recommend feeding the "sense" wire through a relay. This could also be accomplished by tying both terminals together and running a single wire to a relay, as in the second diagram. A VR124 regulator will work as well. I don't have wiring color codes yet, though.