Thursday, October 30, 2014

Collapsable Telescopic Motorcycle Garage

Practical - Telescopic Motorcycle Garage

Leaving your precious motorcycle outside to sleep is not really a good thing. First of all, the elements are very unkind towards the bike, and secondly, it becomes visible to douchebags who think nothing about taking it away. But not everyone has a garage, and not everyone has the space for one. A garage takes up a lot of space in your garden, so not very usable if you only have a small place. 

Telescopic Motorcycle Garage

But a German company has a solution for you. It's called Die Motorrad Garage Open Die Motorrad Garage link in a new window, which stands for The Motorcycle Garage, and what it is, is a telescopic garage. This means when it's not in use, it's "folded", taking up a minimum of space, and when you need to put your motorcycle to sleep at night, just extend it over your bike and close the door. 

Telescopic Motorcycle Garage

The inside, even when there's not motorcycle inside, can store useful stuff, like oil, WD-40, tape, tools, helmets, jacket, etc. Just like a normal garage. When not in use, the garage takes up 43 centimeters (17 inches). 

Telescopic Motorcycle Garage

Ride your motorcycle next to your garage, open the door and use the handle to pull out the garage, enveloping your ride. Totally telescoped out, the garage takes up a maximum of 1.35 meters (53 inches). Mind you, that's a maximum, useful if you have panniers on your bike for example. 

Telescopic Motorcycle Garage

Basically you can place the garage next to a wall, or even ... 

Telescopic Motorcycle Garage

... freestanding. Any place where you can place your motorcycle in your garden will work. 

Maybe even if you live in a flat, you can get permission to install this alongside one of the building's walls. 

Below is a video on how the garage is used. Looks really simple. Price is on request, you'll need to contact the manufacturer directly. 

Click here to visit the Motorrad Garage site Open Die-Motorradgarage link in a new window (in German only).