Thursday, October 30, 2014

BATMAN buys a 2015 Honda NM4 700 at Dillon Brothers Motorsports

BATMAN buys a 2015 Honda NM4 at Dillon Brothers Motorsports

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from everyone here at Dillon Brothers!

The Dark Night buys a new Bat Bike just in time for Halloween... Crime fighter approved the Honda NM4 'Vultus' is anything but conventional.

Batman Needs a new Bat Bike

Gary is a super hero Salesman NM4 Honda
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"Batman needs new wheels!"

Dillon Harley Omaha Cahier Girls cheer Batman on.

Batman on the new Bat Motorcycle

 The wild NM4 Honda has a veritable 'Utility belt' of amazing features to match the [Batmobile] styling. Led Headlights, adjustable LED backlit gauges, 6 Speed Automatic transmission with Dual clutches, 12 volt accessory socket, Robin sized seat height (very low 25.6 inches), flip down passenger seat and so much more.

New Honda Vultus NM4 700

Batman's new bike brings the Harley-Davidson Girls out

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Honda NM4 is very heavy on the modern style

BANE cheers for Batman's new NM4