Monday, August 25, 2014

Gunnar's House of Customs' Zed - the Bike Shed

Gunnar's Zed

Gunnar's z750 3

Gunnar's z750 6a

The bike is a 2012 Kawasaki Z750R which Gunnar originally picked up to repair and sell on. The tank was dented and needed replacing, but when Gunnar removed it he saw that the bike has a tube frame and seemed to have lines that might work for a Cafe Racer conversion.

Gunnar's z750 5

The wiring harness was remade to suit the smaller dimensions and clever use of ultra-bright LEDs light up the rear of the bike from the tips of the swingarm, keeping the rear seat hump completely clear. Other details include Beringer master cylinder and clutch cover, 4Racing rear-sets and clip-ons, a carbon end-can, and cafe racer front headlight.