Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Flying Tiger : Land Speed Motorcycle - PART 9

The Flying Tiger : Land Speed Motorcycle

The "Flying Tiger" 
A Special Construction / Partially Streamlined / Blown Fuel Land Speed Motorcycle.

PART 1 - The Crankshaft / Crank Bolts / Head Bolts
PART 2 - The Transmission OverDrive Gears & Ceramic Bearings
PART 3 - The Lower End of your motor and other Important Tidbits
PART 4 - The Chassis
PART 5 - The Pistons
PART 6 - Top End & Head
PART 7 - The Clutch
PART 8 - Braking System / Wheels
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Now thats a ton of Horse Power to play with. Since we will have the ability to go all the way up to 80lbs of boost (yeah, right, like I would use that much) I'm sure we will have enough power to make the 300mph dream run a reality sooner rather than later.

This turbo is a thing of beauty and elegance! The intake side has a port that I will use for the nitrous jetting. Oooops, did I spill the beans?
You can already tell that this turbo is different than most you have seen on any other bike. The custom header pipe had to have been a nightmare to weld up in this configuration. Did you know that we designed this bike around the turbo? No? Well we did and one of the reasons for the long custom chassis was to allow for a totally and more radical way to get the front end "out there" and increase the rake by 5 degrees. We also created a massive amount of space in front of the radiator allowing the body work to be designed with more aero qualities that a short front end doesn't allow for. Many friends have asked why we don't use that space for the intercooler and my answer to that is "That's why they invented Nitrous Oxide" and besides, the area for the custom aero body work by Airtech is needed up front. Now at this point in the article my turbo friends are rolling their eyes and saying under their breath "it'll never work." Maybe, then again most everyone who innovates and goes beyond what is expected usually has a handful of naysayers dogging their every action. But when this bike goes 300mph, McIntosh will be inundated with requests for my chassis design. My friend and fellow LSR racer Bill Warner has clocked speeds of over 311mph at the Loring 1.5 mile track. He is a mentor of mine and a driving force behind me wanting to achieve accomplishments of going 300mph myself. Bill is an innovator in LSR racing and has built his bike by himself, even the body work. I am not that inclined to re-invent the wheel. This is one of the reasons why I am surrounding myself with the best people is each discipline of bike building. My cousin and former Pro-Mod racer Mike Caputo has his shop in Toledo, OH at Maximum Performance Cycles. He has been my teacher over the years in building every race bike I have ever ridden. But not this time. I want to follow in Bills footsteps and build this completely on my own...except for the massive help of all my friends who are involved in this build. As you can see from previous articles and the sponsor list, I think I have done a pretty good job of finding the best in the business in most every aspect of this build. the same goes for this article with the addition of Jason King from RPM Cycle Performance of Southern Arkansas and owner of Velocity Racing.

Check out the exhaust side which has a mounting flange for the 4" custom exhaust pipe! Yes, I said 4 inches. I had to re-weld and re-tap the #1 EGT port due to it being stripped out and stainless isn't an easy material to tap to begin with. I still have not found the proper way to reinforce the mounting of such a turbo to the motor so that there is no bouncing or vibrating of the turbo causing the head flanges to break off. My latest attempt will be in the following weeks when I remove a few things to make some changes before we go to the track. Hell I still have to safety wire everything and work on the fork stops and...needless to stay I still have a boatload of things I have to do before she is track worthy.

Jason King from RPM Cycle Performance was our choice for the building of our custom plenum, fuel cell and custom exhaust systems. Jason inspects the naked "Flying Tiger" to calculate what materials he will need to allow our monster to be able to produce the required HP which will propel us closer and closer to our goal of 300mph in the 1 mile.

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