Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pipeburn's Top 10 Bikes of 2012

Pipeburn's Top 10 Bikes of 2012 - Cafe Racers & Custom motorbikes

No. 10: DP Customs - ‘Seventy Three’ Harley Ironhead
Ahhh, 2012... a superb year for custom bikes, yes? Scott and I have just spent a quiet evening in, sitting around the drawing room table while sampling some of this year's best vintages. We've had a few cheeky German numbers. One or two North American examples and a decent tipple of some fine Australian produce. Were we Impressed? Naturally. Looking back at our 2011 list, it's hard not to be taken with the overall rise in quality of this year's selection - one that was hand-picked by us according to your comments, Facebook likes, and with an added pinch of ‘just because’. So here's cheers to all the makers who were generous enough to bless us with their hard work, and here's another one to all of you readers for frequenting this fine establishment. The first vintage on this year's list is a cheeky little number from one of Arizona's finest makers, the very talented Del Prado brothers, which earnt a record-breaking 1.7k Facebook likes. It must be something in the New River soil. See more here