Sunday, November 25, 2012

John Amo - - ProtoysUSA Charlie Toy Fairing

John Amo on his record breaking motorcycle and its modified Charlie Toy Fairing from Air Tech

Quoted From: Salt-Addiction-Jon-Amo-7.jpg (640×480)
John Amo, Charlie Toy body, air tech, protoysusa body
"Memories are made one run at a time at Bonneville. Most remember their first time setting foot on the famous lakebed. Their first pass on the slippery salt with the wind in their face, the throttle held open longer than ever previously imagined. How going at record speed in a straight line sounds so much easier than it actually is. There’s something special about land speed racing that deserves to be shared, or so thought this month’s featured guest, 2009 Bonneville 200 MPH Club “Person of the Year," Jon Amo. 

Jon is the creator of, the most visited website for land speed racers the world over. Many of the greats of our time are talked about, interviewed or even participate on his forum sharing advice, build diaries and world class bench racing. I asked Jon to share with us how the whole thing started. ..."