Wednesday, October 10, 2012

KTM Cafe | KTM Bobber | KTM Street Tracker | Cool Bike whatever you call it.

Dillon Brothers is now a KTM dealership.. Start your KTM street stracker, cafe bike, bobber project here.
Article Quote about one bad ass KTM Cafe Bobber hybrid:
"The soft spoken automotive designer works at Fisker Automotive and also has a background in metalworking. Rather than spending $15,000 on a GS, he decided to take that money and build something special: This single-cylinder KTM bobber.
Hell For Leather
'In my normal work, I typically don’t fabricate anything with my hands,” he said. “I design it. I engineer it. So it was actually nice having a garage project where I create something with my hands and put it into place, where typically, I only design.'
Etzelsberger’s “Bob Racer” is crafted from a 2007 KTM 690 Supermoto.
'It had to remain rideable, it had to be fast,” he said. “That’s why I decided to go with a KTM. I wanted to build something unique, something that no one had done before. I didn’t want a V-twin. Everyone builds a custom bike with a V-twin. Everyone.'

'Bob Racer' Is One Awesome KTM Cafe Bobber / Fisker Automotive
He almost chose a 990 KTM or a Ducati, either of which would have been nice, but the bike would have been heavier.
'I thought keeping the weight low and making it really easily maneuverable and nimble would really enhance the fun of riding it,” Etzelsberger said. “So I went with a single cylinder, smaller engine.'"