Thursday, September 20, 2012

New traffic signals on West maple Street -
Dillon Brothers Harley-Davidson Omaha 174th and Maple
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With new traffic signals, it'll be safer but slower travel on West Maple Road -

"Tom Kindler, manager of Dillon Brothers Harley-Davidson near North HWS Cleveland Boulevard and West Maple, agrees. He said he pressed the city to install the lights at that intersection near his business.

Over time, he's seen more than one customer leave his shop riding a new Harley, turn onto West Maple and collide or nearly collide with an oncoming car. He said none of the crashes was serious, but the potential is there.

“This is going to help,” Kindler said. “These lights are needed.”

The manager of the 336-unit Whispering Ridge Apartments near Dillon Brothers also welcomed that new light.

“It's hard getting in and out of here, especially at rush hour,” said property manager Greg Foral. “It's a great addition.”"