Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2013 Honda CBR250R | Preview | Ultimate Motorcycling

2013 Honda CBR250R | Preview | Ultimate Motorcycling:

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2013 Honda CBR250R | Preview

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2013 Honda CBR250 R / CBR 250 R ABS
Since its inception on US shores in 2011, Honda's CBR250R has been the main competitor of the Ninja 250, the entry-level sportbike Kawasaki brought stateside back in 1986.
The CBR 250 R, available with ABS, was an immediate hit, the quarter-liter bike arriving with a 249cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that featured a sophisticated four-valve DOHC cylinder head and counterbalancer, and PGM-FI fuel injection, something the Ninja 250 lacks (the Kawi still has a carburetor).
Except for color options, the CBR 250 R didn't receive any major revisions for 2012, and the same goes for 2013. The major news for the 2013 CBR250R is the additional colors - Pearl White/Blue/Red, Red and Black, and the one that everyone MotoGP fan will surely enjoy - Repsol (only available in standard model without ABS).
Also new for 2013 are black wheels (not available on the Repsol), and a new black exhaust cover.
Regarding suspension, the lightweight Honda CBR250R features a diamond twin-spar steel frame plus a 37mm front fork and Pro-Link single-shock rear suspension, which provide impressive handling and a comfortable ride.
The machine gets 77 mpg, which allows over 200-miles to a tank of gas, and will be kind to the wallet. Although 2012 pricing has yet to be announced, it should be close to its debut prices of $3,999 and $4,499 for ABS.
There are also some Honda Genuine Accessories available, including passenger seat cowl (black), carbon fiber tank pad, carbon fiber fuel lid, and outdoor cover.