Monday, August 6, 2012

'81 kz440: bobber --> cafe

'81 kz440: bobber --> cafe

alright, so progress has been slow lately, but last night i went to my buddy's place who's welding up the monoshock mounts for me and we put in some good work!  2-3 more hours on it this coming saturday should see it FINALLY finished!!  i forgot my camera, so i didn't get any pics of the work.  however, we pulled out the piece of wood i was using to hold the rear up (as seen in previous pics) so we could get in there to weld some stuff, and my buddy snapped these pics with his phone of what it would look like with a serious bob job, haha.  bobbers were my first love, what first got me interested in modding bikes, so it was tempting to see it like this.  however, i'm way too far into my cafe planning to even consider changing directions, so it'll have to wait for another build!  looks sweet though, in my opinion...

anyhow, i also got some more little bits to install soon:

lowbrow customs baffles...