Saturday, July 28, 2012

Go Kart Guru - Turbo Charged Go Karts

Go Kart Guru - Turbo Charged Go Karts

Heat Considerations: Heat Kills Power!
The turbo charger as we have said before,  uses the exhaust to turn the turbine to turn the compressor.   There is heat added from the exhaust pipe.  The heat is going to get into the intake side.  So you need to be aware that.  You may get some detrimental performance because of the heat. 
As far as whenever you compress air there is a relationship between the pressure and temperature and the formula is CP=MRT or another way thatmost of us look at it as :

pressure x volume = mass x constant x temperature.
If you notice that if you multiply pressure x volume you will get a relationship between the mass temperature. 

You really could say PV=(relatively speaking) temperature. 

So as long as your mass has not changed a whole lot.  Your mass is going to increase a little bit.  So those two are multiplied together.
So the bottom line though is that when you start increasing your pressure (which you do if you do with a supercharger) and you start reducing your volume your temperature is going to increase.  Your volume for all intensive purposes stays the same and you start increasing your pressure.  Your temperature will go up.
Keeping that in mind, that is what a turbocharger does.  You have a fixed volume in your engine (that is not changing), but your pressure coming in is.  So your temperature is going to crank up on the intake charge.