Tuesday, May 1, 2012

RZ350 - one of the coolest street bikes, EVER.

84 RZ350

From Wikipedia: "Yamaha RZ350 (RD350LCII) (liquid cooled) in some countries) is a motorcycle powered by a twin-cylinder two-stroke engine, reed valved 347 cubic centimeter engine. The bore and stroke are 64x54 mm. It produces 30.4 ft·lbf (41.2 N·m) of torque at 7500 rpm. Coming out in 1983, it was the evolution of Yamaha's popular and well known RD350 (1972–75) and RD350LC (1980–86). Production was carried on into the 1990s and a different version with no YPVS power valve in the engine was used in Yamaha's Banshee ATV until its final model year in 2006 in the United States. Yamaha Motor sold the Banshee in Canada until 2008. There were several other models, the 1985 RZ350F, 1986-92 RZ350F2,N,NF, and the 1992-5 RZ350RR was produced in Brazil.
RZ350 is now a sought after collectors motorcycle in America, and its association with world famous three-time GP champion Kenny Roberts, as it was sold exclusively in the USA as a signature model. It is also raced extensively in Vintage racing leagues, as well as its own racing leagues, often dubbed "RZ cups" in Europe."

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