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600cc Project 200

600cc Project 200
Charlie Toy Race Body Discussion:

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this isn't really a reply to anyone in particular, but here it goes anyway. The Charlie Toy body in question was built in 1992 and required a tremendous amount of time and effort. To finalize my original design I first had to build a water tunnel and model to test with. this body was the second generation body as it was built on top of the original body that i got in the 2 club with in 1991. it was successfull for a few years before i took it to Kent to have him make an actual mold from it as it was actually a male plug. it has been modified over the years from its original shape, especially in the front portion. possibly Kent still has the original, I'm not sure. mounting and stance of body on a motorcycle is very critical as small amounts of angle change can alter air flow way more than it may seem. tunnel testing shows that when mounted properly, boundary layers and laminar flow perform well above 260 mph. one of these days! i have other designs and styles that should perform even better. interested people can contact me anytime by email. Kent did a really nice job when he made the first mold for me and there a ways to improve this design with very little effort. air cooled and liquid cooled bikes can use modified front section to facilitate higher speeds.hello to Kent and others i haven't talked to for a while. god bless. charlie