Monday, April 30, 2012

The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club

The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club:

VJMC Calendar

The VJMC Calendar page lists events in the USA and Canada of interest to vintage Japanese motorcycle enthusiasts like yourself. The VJMC calendar is now split up into TWO sections: Events where the VJMC is participating, and, general events related to vintage motorcycling. If you know of an event involving old Japanese motorcycles, send us a request with the details including date, time, location description, contact person, etc. and we will usually post it within 72 hours. Events suitable for posting include, but are not limited to shows, swaps, auctions, rides, etc. related to VJMs. Events that are not related to VJMs will not be posted.

If you have an event that you would like posted, please use the Calendar Post Request Form.Please have the following information available before you use the form: Your name, your email, the name of event, location, date(s), description and contact information. Optional items include web links and supporting images or fliers (only for events where the VJMC is participating). Image/flier files should be in JPG, GIF or PDF format. Only postings that use the request form will be considered.