Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Riders Edge Photos April 5th 2012/DSCF0545

Rider's Edge Training Class Photos Omaha, Ne - Dillon Brothers Harley-Davidson 174th & Maple

Dillon Brothers Harley-Davidson®/Buell

Rider’s Edge® Program


Dillon Brothers is proud to be the only Harley-Davidson®/Buell dealer in Nebraska offering both the Rider’s Edge, New Rider Course and the Skilled Rider Course. In addition, both the classroom work and on-bike riding exercises are held right here at our facility. Here is what you can expect from each course:


The New Rider Course is a class designed for beginning riders who have never ridden before or for those who have not ridden in a long time. We provide everything you will need for the class (including the motorcycle) except for your own personal protective gear. Your class will take place in the course of one week. Students will meet in our classroom on Tuesday and Thursday evening before riding for the first time on Saturday morning. These two evening sessions begin at 5:30 PM and conclude at 8:30 PM. The two sessions on Saturday and Sunday both start at 8:00 AM with 4.5 to 5 hours of riding and then wrap up in the classroom after a lunch break by 5:00 PM. With just 12 students maximum per class, facilitated by two specially trained

Rider’s Edge® Instructors, our classes will provide you with more personal attention along with more riding time than other motorcycle safety courses. The tuition for the New Rider Course class is $275. We’ll mail you your materials (and homework assignment!) after you pay for your class. The first evening of your class we will also provide you with a $25 gift card to use for gear or an accessory for your bike. If you are a current H.O.G. member you are also eligible for another $50 gift certificate upon successful completion of the course.