Monday, April 23, 2012

place to Ride dirtbikes only

place to Ride dirtbikes only:
Craigslist Dirtbike Riding Place in Pizgah
 "we are located about 45 min north of omaha we have tons of hill climbs a freestyle motor cross jump and tons of sick jumps anything from 5 foot doubles to a 140 foot table top quad experienced riders only this is not a place for beginers feel free to check out some of our stuff on youtube at hotrodsplaypen feel free to call 712 456 2158 for address and directions no drugs or drinking allowed We are also trying to set up a hill climb event on june 2 that event will have a $20 buy in with the first up the hill will get $100 and the fastest cleanest run will get a $250 cash pay back this is a extream hill not the logan hill this is 10 times more difficult and will be a blast free camping and free for every one event starts at 200 on june 2 2012 we hope to have many classes and cash payback on all classes feel free to come check it out ahead of time and bring your bike lets RIDE "