Monday, June 18, 2018

1985 Honda V65 Sabre - Fully Loaded - $800

1985 Honda V65 Sabre - Fully Loaded - $800

[If you can do the work, whatever it is, and find the parts this would be a great deal.Ran when parked LOL: DT] 
Project Bike
Stored in attached partially heated garage last 10 years or more. Running at that time.
Original Honda Line faring. 
Krauser saddlebags and top trunk.
Cadillac horns. 1100cc.
Aftermarket windshield.
Two owner.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Euro Moto Omaha ROUND 2: Wed, May 16th, 2018
Benson Bike Night Round 1STARTS AT 5:30pm, every 3rd Wed, April through October

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Euro Moto Omaha is an all new Bike Night for Omaha being held in the heart of downtown Benson. This is a monthly biker meetup (April through October) for appreciation of European and vintage motorcycles. Of course all makes and models of motorcycle are welcome but not required. Bring two wheels if you have 'em. If they're European so much the better. Each Euro Moto Night starts at 5:30 on every 3rd Wed, April through October. 

There will be seven rounds in 2018: APRIL 18 - MAY 16 - JUNE 20

Every Third Wednesday from APRIL through OCTOBER in Omaha for 2018. Starts at 5:30pm.

European Bike Photos
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Thursday, March 22, 2018

1989 Kawasaki ZX10 Ninja

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1989 Kawasaki ZX10 Ninja--Starts, idles, runs--Great condition!!! - $2900 (Central Omaha)

I'm selling this wonderful bike; it has way too much power for me. This is one of the nicer Ninjas you well ever see for its age. The plastic panels are intact and in nice shape. The bike has been very well kept. The only thing I know wrong with it is that the speedo recently quit working. They are on ebay for about $100. It is shown with the aftermarket exhaust but I HAVE ALL THE ORIGINAL PARTS; EXHAUST, CENTER STAND, WINDSHIELD, & MORE.

It has just over 20k miles. The title is clear and signed.

When contacting me you must reference the name of the bike--Ninja--in the subject line or I will not respond due to scammers. Easiest contact for me is via text, using the # listed in the contact info. Otherwise, roadcaptainhal at yahoo dot com.

I do not need help selling this motorcycle.

In-cash-in-person deals only. All sales final.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
1989 Kawasaki ZX10 Ninja--Starts, idles, runs--Great condition!!! - motorcycles/scooters - by owner - vehicle automotive bike sale:

Toni Bou Trials Phenomenom

So you think you can ride a motorcycle pretty well? Not compared to Toni Bou.

The phenomenal Spaniard, Toni Bou, has got 11 outdoor world championship titles and 12 straight indoor titles...  Oh, and he's unbelievably talented.

That is a level of skill that is beyond the highest training and dedication...

As an unrelated bonus here's something to consider if you do any web work. This is not the standard content for this site but it's sooooo good that I don't want to lose it. It's also more than contradictory to just about everything about this website. This site was created for me to use as a 'cloud' bookmarks backup of cool stuff so I don't put much into it. Anyhow. Read below and become a better person...

Smashing Magazine is the best. No one writes this kind of material with this kind of depth. Loooong article but should be read in full.
Article Section 2G:

"Deontological Principals of Web Design:
1) Follow existing rules, best practices, and guidelines.
2) Use the categorical imperative as a starting point to creating new rules.
3) When no rule exists, use the full ethical principles of web design to create new ones.
4) Uphold the duty of care: to the client, to the user, to the information, and to the future."

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Monday, December 4, 2017

Honda GROM with a YZ250 Two Stroke Engine Swap

Honda GROM with a YZ250 Two Stroke Engine Swap

Jesse Davis who's from Austin,Texas has a very special GROM which you not see everyday, as he managed to fit a Yamaha YZ250 2 stroke engine in the Grom's frame in a very tidy and clean way.

Fitted with the YZ250 TYGA-Performance Stainless Exhaust chamber for even more performance and better looks this GROM is one bad boy and most likely one of the fastest Groms around.

Jesse also upgraded the suspension by fitting a JRi rear shock and RS125 GP Forks.

He has put Yamaha decals on his GROM but maybe he should call it a GROMAHA wink

Photos courtesy of Jesse Davis and Joseph Hitzelberger (Roland Sands Design)

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

KZ440 Custom Street Tracker - Monoshock Scrambler

KZ440 Monoshock Scrambler Custom Street Tracker

This Kawasaki KZ 440 Scrambler is seriously cool and fun. Yet another cool build from the husband and wife, Max & Erica of Droog...

Max: "We had a customer reach out to us from New York City a while back who was really into our rough and ready styled bikes. He stated that he liked a few of our moto signature builds so we began going over lines and a few rough ideas. The donor bike needed to be a smaller style bike but that was still very capable of going on/off road and downtown city commuting! We began our search for a donor bike and found an awesome Kawasaki KZ440 LTD...

MORE: Kawasaki KZ440 Scrambler by Droog Moto

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Honda CX500 Cafe Racer - Chopped down to the extreme

 ‘Fire Ant’ Honda CX500 Cafe Racer from Rusty Factory

When your work is recognised to be of such a high standard that you’re asked to build a motorcycle for a major custom show, there are really only two choices a builder has. Either you take the safer path and build a bike in a style you’re known for, it’s what got you there in the first place, or you take a swing for the fences trying something you’ve never done before, willing to risk it all in the pursuit of glory. Luckily for those who attended the 6th Annual Art of Speed Show in Kuala Lumpur and those of us who gather here today, Mat Alip and the other fine folks at The Rusty Factory went for option two. From the Malaysian state of Perak they’ve fashioned a plastic maggot like no other, testing their skills and breaking all the rules along the way. Now with a swag of trophies to its name, the story of ‘Fire Ant’ a 1978 Honda CX500 can finally be told.

Once a small Malay village the city of Ipoh is now the thriving capital city of Perak state and it’s here that The Rusty Factory crew have forged their reputation. Focussing on small capacity machines their modus operandi is producing motorcycles that represent the personality of each customer while still being very practical to ride. But when the invite came to be a featured builder at the Art of Speed show they turned to an old wreck in the corner of the workshop. Three years earlier they’d found the CX500 at a recycling facility, never having seen one before, because of its poor condition and their lack of knowledge about the Honda there it sat unloved.

Until the idea was floated, if they were going to head into battle it was time to turn up the heat! “We thought that building this bike would be a good idea and will give better competition to other builders,” says Mat. Because not only is the CX largely unknown to them and most of the Malaysian market, the crew had never built such a large capacity machine. Let alone one with such an unconventional V-twin engine and drive-shaft combination. In fact they told us “I think you guys are much more expert about this bike than us.” Clearly that is no longer true, if only we learnt so fast!

With the engine back in the frame, a little choke dialled in they hit the starter button and what happened next was their favourite part of the build “when the engine roars right after we finished overhauling it, we thank God.” From here what looks like tremendous effort for most was plain sailing for the team as they began the visual design around the revitalised V-Twin. Looking at the CX500s that had previously been featured on Pipeburn they came to the conclusion that they wanted to ditch the twin shock rear end and possibly go for a hardtail conversion. In their compromise they’ve come up with an ingenious middle ground that includes a rigid look at the hub and the ride of a sprung rear end.

The entire subframe, a bulky item on the CX, was cut back to the centre tube and a new design for the swingarm drawn up. Rather than mounting the shock on the near base like most mono-shock conversions, they manufactured a triangulated swingarm using steel tube and an adjustable knuckle. This pushes the shock up under the seat where it protrudes through the seat base and mounts where the stock tank bracket used to call home, heavily modified for the application. Having made such a radical transformation of the rear suspension leaving the standard front forks as they were was never going to be an option.

With the new rear end bringing the overall ride height down considerably the front needed the same drop to level the bike. The solution comes in the form of brackets that extend the axle out further forward creating a long and low aggressive stance. The factory Comstar rims were ditched as The Rusty Factory was desperate to use spoked rims for the aesthetics. On the front end their fork conversion meant the change was relatively straight forward. But on the rear the standard shaft drive hub makes things more complicated.

Rather than spend the money on a custom kit, a costly option once currency is converted, they came up with another brilliant scrap yard piece of engineering. Taking a Suzuki GS hub that once was shaft driven and sported spokes and adapting it to the CX input. It might have been the most difficult part of the build but the chromed spoked rims wrapped in vintage Firestone rubber is the perfect match for the theme of the bike, giving it a real hot rod feel. While to operate the new rear brake and shifter the boys fabricated a full set of linkages to work with the custom set of rearsets.

Now they could get down to the looks department, always mind full of wanting to show off the mechanical mastery of the build. With the donor bike coming without a tank and no stock replacement to be had they offered up an old Honda C200 unit and the look was spot on. New mounts were required front and rear as the C200 tank is literally half the size of the CX item, but it leaves the engine on full display. The seat and tail unit was adapted from ideas found online, extended to allow the shock to come through and then sent out to the chromer before being fitted with a neat hand stitched leather pad.

With the bike now showing off its full personality the finishing touches could be added to suit. The pipes are handmade, running tight to the engine and venting out the flames to the side. The rebuilt carbies got a set of machined velocity stacks and the yellow lensed headlight sits on a custom bracket to push it out over the tyre. All of these pieces went out for chrome while the majority of the build was painted black. Getting the final colour was the last part of the build and took several attempts before the team was happy. But the Honda red works brilliantly, with the shock painted the same colour as the tank and even the spark leads colour matched.

It’s easy to see why the owner immediately went for the name ‘Fire Ant’, the exoskeleton like chassis, red body and packing a hefty sting in the tail it was the perfect match. So how was The Rusty Factory’s first “big bike” received at the Art of Speed show? It was named Champion of the Invitational Build-Off, won the Public Choice Award and also took home the Pipeburn Pick trophy! An absolute home run for a team willing to take the risk of stepping outside their comfort zone and going for broke. It’s no surprise they now plan on “building more big cc bikes which will challenge us in many aspects. We dream of building bikes like Triumph, BMW and Harleys.” And we cannot wait to see the next finished results.

'Fire Ant' Honda CX500 Cafe Racer : Martin Hodgson.